Work for Passion, Not Money

Mon, Aug 31, 2009


Work for Passion, Not Money

Maintaining motivation and drive to produce your best work everyday when freelancing is hard. I’ve noticed though that the psychology and attitude of a lot of freelancers as of late has been very negative and potentially damaging to the industry. There is one core ideal which judges whether or not you are successful, and that’s real interest and passion in the field.

Many, however, may not truly understand what they are passionate and interested in, so I’ve come up with a simple way of figuring it out. Think about what you do at the moment, in terms of your job. Do you read into your field on a frequent basis and look for the latest news and information on the field related to your job? Do your hobbies revolve around your field? If the answer is yes, then you’re where you need to be. If the answer is no, then it’s possible that you’re probably not suited for the job and won’t take it far enough to become successful.

Society today has adopted a slave-like mentality when it comes to education and work. We feel that a qualification is extremely valuable and shows to the world that we’re knowledge in that field, when in reality it is but a piece of printed paper. Similarly, we feel that our jobs are simply to gain enough money to be able to purchase what we need to survive. Let me tell you, this is an utterly silly concept.

We ‘work’ to contribute something back to society. We ‘work’ to build relationships, infrastructure, economies, to build our world. We don’t work for worthless pieces of paper that apparently represent some kind of value. We ‘work’ in an attempt to make our world a better place to be, to establish understanding and links between us. We ‘work’ to make ourselves more knowledge and progress forward as a race – to develop.

You need to understand this. You need to understand that your job isn’t just a mindless routine you go through everyday of your life, it’s to contribute – and if you don’t feel happy contributing in a particular field, do something you actually enjoy and are enthusiastic about.

If you’re personally in a situation where you’re serious about changing your career and life, then take small steps towards your ideal now. If you’ve always dreamed on running your own freelance business, start the planning process now, and build up funds now whilst you’re in your current job. Remember, your reward for contributing by working isn’t money, it’s happiness and the feeling you get when helping others.

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12 Responses to “Work for Passion, Not Money”

  1. Darryl Coleman Says:

    I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. Darryl Coleman Says:

    Do you do blogroll exchanging? If you want to exchange links let me know.

    Email me back if you’re interested.

  3. Alejandro Says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and it is already into my favorites. IMHO, this post is the best so far, I couldn’t agree more with you about the role that work has in society.

    Thinking that we work for money is not very different than saying that we live for food.

    Thank you for sharing and keep the good work!

  4. Taiyab Says:

    @Alejandro: Thank you for your interest in FreelanceApple, we try our hardest here to make visitors love our site and our content!

  5. Kathie Says:

    I completely agree with you. What’s frustrating is when people insist on seeing that piece of paper before they’ll entrust you with work you know you can do well.

  6. Allen Says:

    We feel that a qualification is extremely valuable and shows to the world that we’re knowledgeable in that field.

    We, the people doing the work know better, it’s the HR and contracting people who believe that. For better or worse, they are the gate keepers and you can’t exercise your passion till you get past them.

    My industry has changed from quality to cost and the customer is accepting ridiculously low quality operator and maintenance documents for the sake of low cost.

  7. Antony Says:

    Nice post, and I have to say I totally agree… it is easy to get side-tracked these days when everything becomes about money… but the true value of your work is measured by how much you give back to society and how happy you get by doing so… nice post, thanks for the thoughts!

  8. Daquan Wright Says:

    Nice article, I agree with passion. But even more so for freelancing…you don’t have a boss raking your shoulder. You’ve got deadlines to meet and to beat them you need motivation to not procrastinate too much. You will always be happier when you’re working to build yourself up and not someone else. Even if you work at a company, set goals to better yourself as an individual and watch your progress grow. The key is to put it in your mind that you’re doing something that’s benefiting you (even if the job sucks…it’s not like you have to stay there forever). I myself will be starting a freelance business for myself (although I always want to work with a company) so I have a lot to learn. But what I know is that I love design and programming (computers in general really, but I know this is what I love) and I have to constantly be updated on the latest tech news. Just make sure what you’re doing is marketable, which means selling. It’s important to infuse that passion with the art of selling, you do have bills to pay after all and the collectors don’t exactly go for passion. ;)

    Stick to what you love and make sure it sells or make it sell. Nice article.

  9. Giorgio Sironi Says:

    Work is something you will do for a long time. You’d better choose something you can enjoy as the reward could be a fulfilling life instead of a stressful one.

  10. Kayla Says:

    Very good points. I was working the 3-job slave labor lifestyle just last year, and I’m coming to realize life has much more to offer than work and prestige in your desired work field.

    I just switched to full-time freelancing and am loving it so far, but I’m definitely going to need to do some adjusting to find the ultimate lifestyle I really love. Finding what your passionate about is really a learning process in itself! It can take time to be able to be able build enough of a sustainable income off of what you love doing before you can really focus on the things you like to do in the field.


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