What Should You Charge for Copywriting Services?

Thu, Aug 5, 2010


What Should You Charge for Copywriting Services?

If you are in the business of freelancing writing then it is crucial that you figure out what you are going to charge your clients. There is a fine line between pricing yourself too high so nobody will hire you and pricing yourself so low that you are starving to death. Discovering what you charge is called “finding your price point” and finding the right price to charge is absolutely necessary to any business. If you are talented and come at the right price you can get quite rich as a copywriter.

In the freelance world, it can be a bit complex when it comes to deciding what you should pay for copywriting services since ever project is unique. You can set a price per word price or a price per page or document price but ultimately you should always examine a job to see if it has any hidden time consuming aspects that could possibly put you in the poorhouse. For instance it is not quite same charging for a 500 word article about baby booties as it for a 500 word article about fractional jet aviation.

To be competitive in the marketplace you need to see what other writers are charging their clients. Compare your prices to the prices of others. If you are a member of a big bidding site like guru.com or elance.com then be sure to look at what other people are charging and also at their profiles. Then “underbid” them as much as you can without putting yourself below your acceptable “bottom line.”

One thing that you will notice is that many writers give big discounts for bulk prices for high volume writing particularly if it is a job where the language in the content is not that sophisticated or if the articles are being done

It is also customary to ask for a fifty percent deposit on any work you do although quite a few of your clients will probably insist they have never had to do that with any writer they have encountered before! Some clients may insist on paying you weekly or monthly which is fine but ask first to see at least part of the money in some kind of escrow accoutn . However for the most part it is traditional for writers to ask for half up front before they start any work on any assigned project.

Wondering how much you can make as a copywriter? All you have to do is look to see what the going rate for copywriting is in your area or on the internet and then divide it by 52 weeks a year and then by 40 hours a week. This is how you can estimate what to charge and your entire earning potential on the web. If you decide to become a copywriting professional in a selected niche, which is a specific field of interest, you can charge even higher fees.

You should also consider whether or not writing the project is going to cost you to research it and at it to your final fee. This is especially true if you need to travel, buy books, and buy special software or specialized equipment to get the job done. Make sure too that your computer Is of a very high quality. You should always attempt oto charge for extra expenses and time. However it is also advisable to keep your prices affordable and not layer on too many extra costs or you might not get hired at all!

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  1. Ajeva Says:

    You’ve got valid points here. Still, the toughest thing to do is how to set your rates just right. If you’re a newbie, getting competitive rates is a difficult thing to achieved in a world full of competitive writers. This is why freelance writers are willing to go the extra mile, like giving discounts for bulk projects, so they can make ends meet. Sad, but true.

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