The Secret and Freelancing

Tue, Apr 27, 2010


The Secret and Freelancing

A few years ago I read Rhonda Byrne’s book “The Secret” which tries to explain an idea which they call “The law of attraction”. I found the “law” of attraction to be an utter load of nonsense, and generally that Rhonda Byrne was a psychopath who needs serious medical attention. The Secret is growing into a cult and which teaches you that you are a God with infinite power.

It is said even the devil can teach you good and this was the case with the book because there were some points which were good, as with any self-help book. The book explained excellent ways of planning and motivating yourself, I would not recommend reading the pile of poo since I will explain the good points of it. I have read several self-help books and all the points by Rhonda were derived from the same principles, so you may want to read something genuine for which I would recommend Tony Robbins.

Set Goals

In order to achieve what you want, whether that is a better rate per hour, more money, or more time, you need visualise your goal and break it down into smaller ‘bite-size’ goals. This will enable you to take easier steps towards your goal. Start working through your bite-size goals one-after-the-other and you ought to be on your road to achieving your goal.

An example of this is if you are a new freelancer and need clients for an income then your goal is “I need an income” the path includes getting clients. So you would break your goal down into ‘get a portfolio up’, ‘get some sample work on the portfolio’, ‘start a blog’, etc. This will lead to ‘get a client’ and so on, until you have achieve your main goal.


One of the ways of motivating yourself to achieve your goals is to visualise what you will achieve by getting there. An example of this is if you are freelancing because you want a BMW X5, then get a picture of it and put it on your noticeboard. Spend at least five minutes at the start of the day visualising what it would feel like to have this car and visualise how you would go about getting the money for this car. This will set you up at the start of the day to aim towards your goal.


This is where ‘the Secret’ starts becoming a cult. They have a fantasy idea that if you believe anything, then it is possible (literally that “I will get this parking spot at the mall” and  you will get it). Personally I would say that you should believe in your ability and you should believe that you have the ability to get more clients. By believing this and actively thinking about it, it will drive you to try to achieve client satisfaction, procrastinate less and generally enjoy what you do. You are a freelancer because you have a skill which the rest of the world does not, believe in your skill and go for it!


The Secret may be a load of baloney, but what most self-help books agree on is summarised above. Implementing the three points above should nudge you on the way to a successful freelancing career. As an action point today, write down your main goal and the goals you will have to achieve to get there.

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8 Responses to “The Secret and Freelancing”

  1. Jordan Walker Says:

    I was thought smart hard work was the key to success.

  2. Tom Says:

    lol. nice post, i think that “the secret” is a bunch of crap either, and as a freelancer and first of all a humen being, i think that life allready teaches everyone those points, and if you get lost (in this fun fun life), you can allways ask someone with a little more life experience then you, better someone who know you, and he’ll give you a much more better guiding then all of this fucking books.


  3. Issa Says:

    I’m an avid follower of the law of attraction. Before I even read the Secret, I’ve been reading Charles Haanel’s Master Key System — where all law of attraction books have been based. Is it working for me as a freelancer? I believe in it, so I say it works. At the end of the day, all you got to ask yourself is: Have I created a life of purpose? I love what I do in my freelance gigs and I’m following my bliss, for now. It’s magic..

  4. Joe Says:

    Have to agree with you there Shoaib.

    I prefer knowing what I want to do and then working towards it.



  5. Bruce Says:

    Have to agree with you there Shoaib.

    I prefer knowing what I want to do and then working towards it.



  6. Steve Says:

    I was thought smart hard work was the key to success.

  7. Wow...ok Says:

    I WAS going to start following your website until I saw this article.

    “a psychopath who needs serious medical attention” is over the top and immature. I’m not sure of your age, but no matter if you think a book/opinion works for you is no reason to act like a child with a “pile of poo” mentality.


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