The Rise of Unemployment: Where to Now?

Thu, Mar 18, 2010

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The Rise of Unemployment: Where to Now?

Unemployment has really hit hard in the US. We hear about it on the news all the time, and it seems like it’s getting worse and worse as the country tries to solve this huge failure by the banking industry that affects us all. The same thing is not only happening in the US, but here in the UK as well, and at a very local level indeed.

I’ve recently spoken to someone who has applied for around 90 different jobs in total, and has only received correspondence back from one of those – this just goes to just how difficult it’s getting to find a job.

So where do those people go now? What do they do? Rely on government benefits for their upkeep? There has to be a solution, and I think temporarily as a soft counter to unemployment people really need to start considering taking matters into their own hands, and potentially starting up in their own business rather than get a ‘job’. Whether that’s freelancing, or something totally different, even the smallest business ventures could help ease the pain of a limited or low income. But that’s easier said than done, right?

Kinda. With the advent of the Internet in the last few decades, it’s actually a lot easier and cost-effective to go into business, even with little to no investment. Just think about it. Let’s take this blog for example, the costs of running such a blog are very minimal indeed. FreelanceApple in particular is run on a reseller hosting account, so it’s upkeep is no more than a few dollars a month along with a yearly domain name fee, which is also minimal. It runs on WordPress, a completely free content management system, and so really requires a very small amount in terms of fees for upkeep. In return, the blog has the opportunity or potential to reach many people, and earn money through selling advertising, or affiliate products of some sort. Compared to the costs, the benefits are astounding, which is different to conventional business.

Let’s say you want to do something with a little more immediate affect, as running a successful blog could take you months or even years before it makes decent money. You could try developing some kind of product for sale, or provide some kind of service, online or offline. This can include freelancing in any appropriate skill you may have.

All this can be done whilst looking for that steady source of income in the form of a standard ‘job’ as the employment search process takes longer and longer as less and less jobs are available in the economy – don’t sit around and do nothing.

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9 Responses to “The Rise of Unemployment: Where to Now?”

  1. Shoaib Says:

    Cool article Taiyab. I think this explains very nicely the reason why many of us are freelancers because I have come across people who can’t comprehend why we would freelance as opposed to relying on employers.

  2. Issa Says:

    Wow! Nice views there. I believe that the future of work is going remote. Freelancing is the way forward and people need to adapt to these changes fast, before they are left out of the security of their traditional jobs.

  3. Julia Mitchell Says:

    the unemployment rate on our country is growing bigger and bigger due to government mismanagement,:,


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