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cover01-1Tired of working hard to get even fewer customers?

Disappointed with that “online thing”, that promised lots of contracts and opportunities, but is not working as expected?

Untap the online power to attract and get customers looking for Freelancers like you. There are thousands of them out there. And they are  hiring freelancers every second. But be aware: they just can hire people they know. That’s the point.

‘The Grand Marketing Manual for Freelancers’ will show you how to build a strong online presence that will bring you new customers every month. It is a 45 page ebook full of in-depth explanation on marketing techniques that you could use on your portfolio right now. The ebook itself aims to tackle freelancers’ marketing campaigns, and it’s sole goal is to help freelancers improve at marketing their skills and services to a wider audience.

You won’t find magic tricks inside. No  ”push a button and you are done”. You know it’s not that simple.

But you will learn where to start and continue. Techniques. Next steps. Guides. What usually works, and what doesn’t. And… well, maybe a few tricks. But just that.

You will have to do some work. But “The Grand Marketing Manual for Freelancers” will help you to make your hard work much more successful. Because hard work can be successful, or not. Depends on you applying your efforts to the right tasks.

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Marketing is one of the most daunting tasks when it comes to freelancing, but can become one of your main assets. Being good at Freelancer Marketing will be key for your long term success.

  • If you have enoguh customers, a good marketing will allow you to increase your prices.
  • Finding new clients will be easier.
  • You will be able to select your customers, focusing your work on those parts of your portfolio you prefer.

This ebook will show you how you can easily raise both your portfolio’s traffic and requests for work with a strong, diverse marketing strategy that’s fun to do.

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You don’t have to blindly take the ebook just to find it is not what you are expecting.

Go on! Preview it. You will see: no magic, just knowledge. Condensed knowledge.

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