New Additions to Freelance Apple

Sat, Apr 10, 2010


New Additions to Freelance Apple

We have a few important announcements for the fans of Freelance Apple. Over the coming weeks you will see drastic changes on Freelance Apple as we will be looking to improve the site for our readers.


All fans will have noticed that we have been posting articles bi-weekly on the site on average. This is about to have a massive change and you will notice that from Monday 12 April there will be two articles every week day. This may change in the future but we are promising a minimum of one article every day on Freelance Apple.

This will mean significantly more content for all freelancers to learn and use to help their business grow.


The best way to keep up with updates on Freelance Apple is to subscribe to our RSS feed by simply clicking here. This will enable you to see what our new articles are about and if they interest you then you can click. This will save you from coming to the site when there are no updates.


You can follow Freelance Apple on Facebook, just click here and become a fan. This will help you stay updated with our posts. There is extra content for Facebook users as we will have discussions on Facebook which we may not have on the blog.


Follow us on twitter by clicking here and following us. This will also help you to stay in touch with new content.

Mailing List

As you can see on the right hand side you can sign up to our mailing list. There are several advantages to signing up to our mailing list. There are tips and tricks for all freelancers which are exclusively sent to our mailing list subscribers.

Another massive advantage of signing up to our mailing list is that you will have access to offers which are exclusive for mailing list subscribers.

Our Ebook

The Grand Marketing Manual for Freelancers is an excellent educational resource for freelancers. We have had 100% positive feedback from those who have purchased this ebook. This book will help you unquestionably teach you the secrets of marketing your freelance business and considerably increase your income. You can have a sample of the ebook by downloading an excerpt of the book for free.

Your Views

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We are committed to improving Freelance Apple for you, which means that we take feedback very seriously. All genuine comments are published and all feedback is appreciated.

Freelance Apple is where all freelancers have a voice and can voice their opinion freely. If you feel that Freelance Apple can improve in any way, be sure to email us on

Comment below and express your views.

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