Making The Most Out of Your Day as a Freelancer

Fri, Nov 13, 2009

Time Management

Making The Most Out of Your Day as a Freelancer

We all struggle from time to time with staying productive. It’s probably one of the hardest skills to establish. There’s no one to tell you when you how you should work, how long you should work for, or why you should work in the first place. That’s why it’s so easy for a freelancer to become complacent and lazy, and it’s a very dangerous habit to fall into, because your livelihood can then suffer as a consequence.

For some, it’s easy to get down to some serious work. They simply think of their family, and who they need to provide for, and that usually gives them the energy to push forward and really get things done. However, for some of us, it’s a rather bitter struggle, that seems to come back to haunt time and time again. I think the best way to combat the issue, is to establish some type of daily routine or schedule, where you allot set amounts of time to each and every task. Why is this the best way to go about things? Well, first let’s go back and look at why you became a freelancer in the first place. You did it so you could make time for other activities other than work, to get a feeling of being your own boss, a sense of independence and freedom from a ghastly 9 to 5. Well, with a routine in place, you’ll be able to fit in more than just work into your day.

The majority of society today is extremely inefficient and lazy and as a result we tend to feel that the “days are getting shorter”. This simply means that you’re not making the most out of each and every day of your life. You’re not getting up early in the mornings, and then keeping time aside to do other things in the day. A day is actually a very long time, even when you factor in sleep. Let’s say you get a typical 8 hours of sleep every day, then that leaves a further 16 hours for work, and the usual little bits and bobs such as eating, toilet breaks etc. In 16 hours, not only could you fit in a 9-5 if you wished, but you would have 6-8 hours remaining to do whatever you liked as well! When you break it down like this, it really shows that we actually have a lot of time on our hands, we just don’t make the most of it.

So, if you’re one of those freelancers who finds  yourself waking up during the afternoon, only to find that the day has already passed after just reading your emails, then you need to get a routine in place that will make you use every hour of your time allotted to work, for work, and every hour allotted for play, to play. You’ll feel much better and in control because of it, and you’ll see your productivity levels rocket into the skies.

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6 Responses to “Making The Most Out of Your Day as a Freelancer”

  1. Nik Says:

    Agreed. I find the best way for me to prevent myself from waking up too late is getting into the habit of going to bed at a good time. If I take the time I spent tinkering around at the middle of the night and replace it with sleep, I find myself up earlier in the morning being way more productive than I was at night. Routines are key. Good read!

  2. DivPlayers Says:

    Yes Nik, That’s right. As well said by Taiyab “The majority of society today is extremely inefficient and lazy and as a result we tend to feel that the “days are getting shorter”.” We only need to change our habits and use as much as Paper-Pen habit.

  3. Daquan Wright Says:

    Great advice, I always prefer waking up early (although I haven’t lately…been a night bird).

    Everyone needs a schedule that accommodates their life style, can make a big difference.

  4. Rob Bell Says:

    One of the strengths of being a freelancer is your ability to schedule your own day – if you want to sleep in late, you’ll have to work late too.

    As a nightwalker(!), I often find it easier and more productive to work late into the night then sleep the morning away. The fact that I run my own companies allows me to make this choice – and it’s benefited my business because I’m up when clients in the US are, so I now have clients overseas in a larger market than the UK, where I live, offers.

    I sometimes wish I could get into a proper daytime routine, but I seem to like the night better – perhaps I’m part of a new breed, the techno-vampire – not fed on blood, but on the glare from multiple monitors!



  5. Shoaib Says:

    Some great advice there Taiyab, thanks!

    @Rob – lol, nightwalking?! I can imagine that being a bit of a nuisance! Techno-vampires! LOL.


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