Make Money Online Selling Digital Products

Sun, Aug 30, 2009


Make Money Online Selling Digital Products

We’ve discussed before in our article about how freelancers should be aiming to generate multiple income streams online. Whether that be through the selling of a service or product, is up to you.

I’ve always been an advocate for selling digital products online – why? They’re a no-hassle solution which don’t require shipping + handling fees, and can be delivered instantly to a paying customer. Now, if you personally choose to go this route, then I recommend you find a good payment processor and PayPal IPN solution which provides features such as the ability to setup an affiliate program, add coupons etc. To do this, I wholly recommend Digital Product Delivery (or DPD for short).

DPD is an incredible tool that allows you to easily process PayPal and 2Checkout payments and gives you a whole host of stats and features to help you maximize sales. However, the one thing that has really surprised me about DPD is their commitment to their customer base. Let me explain.

My Personal Experience

Recently, DPD became an advertiser on Freelance Apple, and I was looking for a service which provided secure auto-delivered digital products to purchasers, along with the option to add coupons, start up an affiliate program and secure PDFs by adding the purchaser’s information to the PDF automatically. The last feature, DPD didn’t have, so I e-mailed them asking if they had such a feature and maybe it just wasn’t mentioned on their features page.

I received a prompt reply by support saying that they could get the feature implemented within a few days and this really shocked me. A single person has requested a feature, and they agree on implementing it to better their service – now that is the sign of a dedicated business.

About a week or two later, DPD got in touch with me again, this time with notification that the feature had been implemented and was ready to be tested and used. Incredible.

More About Digital Product Delivery

DPD is an easy-to-use, all in one cart and download delivery system- Start selling your products in minutes.

Each day, thousands of vendors use DPD to automatically collect payment and deliver their digital products to customers. Integrating with PayPal and other popular payment processors, DPD is the quick and easy way to set up your products for automated selling.

Visit Digital Product Delivery

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