Blogging to Promote Your Freelance Business

Sun, Oct 17, 2010


Blogging to Promote Your Freelance Business

One way to show off how well you can write or provide content services is to start a blog about writing. Many self-employed writers have their own site. While your site should be powerful and persuasive it does not have be that difficult or complex in nature.

A website of any kind is quite necessary for selling your services but it does not have to be that elaborate or expensive. In fact, a straightforward WordPress site is more than adequate when it comes to being an online page to promote your website. This is because you can create a single page on WordPress and also attach a blog. It is especially a good idea to start a blog to accompany your promotional page. It helps you meet customers, show off your talents and also inform your readers of your prices, services and the latest in the freelance writing world. In fact, a blog offers you the opportunity to show off how you can promote yourself. If you do it well others will want you to promote them too.

You might be thinking that you need more than a WordPress page to promote your site but you actually don’t. It’s not the type of site you have but what’s on it. The most important thing is going to be the copy on the sales page that you create to promote the services that you provide.

Remember that the real purpose of your blogging site is to act as a way of generating leads. You want to create blog content that is designed to force visitors to come to that page for a quote. This means you need to create content on the page somewhere theta has a very clear call to action that tells them to e-mail you and ask for a quote. Even better yet, install a plug-in from the C-Panel on your web host that will allow you to collect email addresses so you can build a list of prospects.

Another great thing to include is testimonials from satisfied customers. This gives you some credibility as well. You can also go “whole hog” and make yourself a little video using free software like CamStudio and embedding on your WordPress site.

Once this blog is up you have to remind people it exists to generate traffic for it. You should add a signature file to all of your outgoing e-mail messages, even your personal mail.

You can also write keyword rich articles that are associated with your business and submit them to the leading article directories like EzineArticles, GoArticles, Search Warp and Article Dashboard. These can also serve as sample articles you can show potential customers.

If you have some cash available, try using PPC advertising with Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing. Using the former will undoubtedly put your advert for your blog in front of far more potential customers.

The main thing that you have to remember is that achieving success as a service provider to a large extent depends upon your ability to set yourself apart from everyone else in your market so be unique with your content.

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