5 Reasons Freelancers Need to Blog

Sat, Jul 11, 2009

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5 Reasons Freelancers Need to Blog

Many freelancers don’t see the almost symbiotic relationship between blogging and freelancing. They don’t see the vast, untold advantages it can have on their business. They don’t see any of it, they see it as futile and “a waste of time”. Well, let me tell you, if you’re a freelancer, and you haven’t started a blog yet, you’re missing out.

1) Blogs Create Authority Around YOU

By blogging, and expressing your knowledge and opinion on your specific niche field, you’re commanding authority around your character. It may sound silly, but it’s true, for those who have the privilege to read what you have written will connect with you and see you as the authority and have more of a relationship with you (which helps bucket-loads if they are looking to hire you, for example).

2) Blogs Generate Traffic

Quite simply, due to the fact that blogs continuously update with new content, search engines love them. This can mean loads of traffic for your blog, if you choose to write about highly searched issues. What does this mean for you? Well, for one, you could direct that traffic to your online portfolio, and instantly get more exposure and recognition to your work.

3) Blogging Builds Up Connections

Whilst blogging, the amount of people that you interact with, whether that is via a comments section on blog posts, or through emails you receive from readers, is astounding. Even if you run a relatively small blog, with a few hundred visitors every month, you’ll still get ample opportunity to make those connections. Now, what good are all these connections? Well, for one, any one of those connections can be a potential client to you in the future, and because they’ve already had that initial interaction with you, it is much easier for them to turn to you when they are looking for someone to hire. Also, if you have an existing client who wants something done that is not within your own capabilities, you could bring one of your connections on board to help you out. Simple.

4) Blogging Can Be Therapeutic

We freelancers can get very stressed out at times with all the deadlines (sheesh, why do they call them DEADlines) and clients we need to keep up with – and what better way to relieve the stress by ranting on your own blog, ey? Believe it or not, blogging about topics related to your field can be both productive (in terms of generating traffic and attention to your portfolio) and therapeutic – it’s also a good break from constant ‘work’.

5) Blogging Develops Language Skills

We hear on the news (almost daily) that the literacy level of both children and adults is appalling, even in countries with good education. If you feel you fall into this bracket, then the best way to get out of your conundrum is to read and write more. It definitely improves your vocabulary, grammar, and communications whether that be vocally or written.

So there you have it, 5 good reasons why you need to be blogging as a freelancer. If you still don’t feel you should be blogging, even on the rare occasion, and you’re a freelancer I suggest hitting yourself on the head with a mallet :)

What do you think about freelancers and blogging? Please have your say below in our comments section.

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37 Responses to “5 Reasons Freelancers Need to Blog”

  1. Mirko Says:

    I agree with everything said in the article, blogging has done a lot for my freelance business. Unfortunatly blogging isn’t suitable for everyone, some people don’t have the perseverance it takes or just don’t like to communicate on the web.

  2. Curtis Says:

    Very well written. As someone who is fairly new to blogging, I find this to be great info. You covered 5 really good points that are very important to me and those who are newer than me at blogging.

  3. Roman Says:

    @Mirko – so true. Blogging is not for everyone. It takes a lot of dedication to keep writing new, interesting stuff. Especially since most bloggers out there have day jobs.

    Designing ad troubleshooting is always the fun part of creating a website, but once that machine gets rolling, it’s hard to keep up the steam.

  4. Taiyab Says:

    I quite agree with what’s being said here, indeed Mirko you’re right about the effort required to blog, although it needs to be seen as more of a hobby more than a job, or something that has to be done. That way your both being productive and having fun.

  5. Jake Rocheleau Says:

    I definitely agree, blogging is a great experience for all freelancers. I started my blog about a year ago, and I’ve gained a lot of business through my blog and potential future leads/clients as well.

  6. ghprod Says:

    and the most important thing … blogging can make some money :)


  7. Ian Harris Says:

    Good article. I have certainly noticed on our site the increase traffic when we update our blog, although I agree that finding to time to keep it regularly updated can be a difficult.


  8. CarlosT Says:

    I agree with you. Blogging is a great experience for a freelancer. One other thing I have found is that it keeps my mind active while I’m taking a break from creating and can sometimes actually help me come up with new ideas when I have a bit of a creative block. I am yet to see a direct freelance benefit from it but that could be because I am just starting out along that avenue.


  9. Mike Haynes - Miami Web Pro Says:

    The trick is finding the time to write for your blog. With everything else that goes on in the life of a freelancer, it is tough to find the time and motivation to sit down and write something useful. Just another thing to throw into the mix. But, I agree, a necessary thing.

  10. Raymond Selda Says:

    Very nice article. I’m glad that I started blogging again and promised myself to write a new article every week. When starting out, try your best to stick to your posting frequency. It feels good whenever you provide a solution to a visitor’s problem. Thanks for this article.

  11. Ryan Says:

    I think you mean “appalling” in tip number 5 :) Don’t let yourself become a bad example!

  12. Taiyab Says:

    I’m glad you found the mistake :P Thanks for that Ryan.

  13. Daniel Says:

    Your points are valid, I remember advising a client to blog so she can build a following and she refused. Somehow once her website was up, she expected instant traffic and business. I advised her that her web presence is fairly new and it takes time. She would not hear it. Contrary to my advice to her, I do not blog. I have tried, but is not in me.

  14. Erika Martinez Says:

    Excellent points. I started my blog back in December, but hadn’t taken it seriously until the end of May and I am very pleased with the enormous jump in unique visits to my blog and portfolio web site. It takes time and is a commitment, but well worth it in the end. I am excited to see what will come of this a year (or five) down the line.

  15. Acr0nym Says:

    I think Mike literally took the words out of my mouth, one of the most important keys to succesful blogging is to be able to just sit down and write some good content but if you lack the motivation nothing will come out of it.. I can know because I am the laziest blogger in the world. It’s all about perseverance.

  16. Abounding Says:

    Despite the regular refrain by some that blogging is dead, we know it is absolutely not because of some of the reasons you list here. Timely and thorough articles cannot be replaced by 140 character messages. Great advice for freelancers or really anyone else in business. Thank you.

  17. John Says:

    Totally agree . I started my personal blog(http://www.johnsplayfield.com) just a few weeks ago and have already got some response to it and even someone gave me some very good feedback on some of my projects. I believe every freelancer should blog and tweet. And yes, i find blogging very therapeutic especially if i have had lots of silly deadlines and need a release.

  18. Phaoloo Says:

    Agree with all the reasons you list here. Blog should be the main medium to spread your voice besides social media and search engine.

  19. Srinivas Tamaad Says:

    I agree.. I’m the example

  20. pachek Says:

    I’m extremely new at blogging. In fact my son in Atlanta directed me to your blog and I need to thank both of you. You for writing an excellent article and Keenan for directing me here. I would like to comment on this in about a week or two once I’ve been able to put it all into practice as at this moment I view blogging the same as trying to market my website which has been up and down for some time.

  21. Kim H Says:

    I have to agree – once I moved my site to WordPress and began blogging, I not only saw my traffic increase, but noticed that my freelance as a whole began to pick up. It was quite exciting, to be honest.

    Not only that, but I think it also helps freelancers network. Blogs allow us to express ourselves – certainly I don’t reveal my personal information on my blog, but I do express my personality, and more people are willing to connect with someone who HAS personality.

  22. Jessie Says:

    I love what you wrote in number 5. You have to practice it, otherwise your vocab and skills just start to slip away. I have cut back my reading and have noticed that my vocab has not been as good as when I write anything out. I like to be well versed so that when I communicate with Freelancing members on VOIS.com they will see me as a professional, not just another warm body.

  23. Taiyab Says:

    @ Jessie: Let’s hope you get back up to speed with your writing skills, as they’re extremely important in everyday life (especially business). Could I ask to you please subscribe to our RSS feed if you haven’t already? Thanks.

  24. Freelancer Blog Says:

    You listed the most important things why freelancer should have a blog.
    The good thing about a blog for me is, that i learn a lot.

    And one more thing, a good blog also generate money;)
    Check out my blog!

  25. Taiyab Says:

    @ Kim H: Spot on. Those contacts you make through your blog can prove helpful in the future, heck, you may even end up collaborating with some of them on various projects.

  26. Daquan Wright Says:

    I’m majoring in computer science and taken a slew of writing classes. One of the most pertinent things I see about my field is that writing and writing well is extremely important. To be able to communicate with anyone, for if you cannot do that there can be no connection made. Aside from that it just looks good for you. Just as if you’re writing an essay on something you like, it will take effort. Anything worth reading or looking at takes effort to my knowledge. I suggest you find stuff to right about in your niche so it interests you, you’re excited about it, and you know you’ll keep being able to bring up discussions. Sometimes less formal and more conversational is the way to go.

  27. Daquan Wright Says:

    Oops, “right” should be “write.” =P

  28. valp Says:

    Good article! For me blog is another way to say more about everything related to my current/recent work.

  29. Royston Robertson Says:

    Great article. I write a blog about being a freelance cartoonist and other cartoonists often say to me that they can’t see the point of blogging, or they’d like to do a blog but they’re not sure what to write about etc.

    I always reply that you have to want to do it, you have to enjoy it. Don’t do it if it’s going to be a chore. Having said that, sometimes you just have to throw yourself in and see how it goes. It took me quite a while after starting my blog to establish exactly what it was I wanted to do with it.


  30. Bill Bartmann Says:

    Excellent site, keep up the good work

  31. Kelli Garner Says:

    Great site, how do I subscribe?

  32. Freelance Cartoonist Says:

    I really enjoy reading . It’s very interesting. Hope you will post something like this again.

  33. karl Says:

    Blogging is something I need to get started with on my freelance website! To bring in those extra search results / traffic etc! :-)

  34. Kyoko Mego Says:

    Truly, your article goes to the gist of the matter. Your pellucidity leaves me wanting to know more. Allow me to immediately grab your feed to keep up to date with your online blog. Saying thanks is simply my little way of saying bravo for a grand resource. Let In my dearest wishes for your incoming publication.

  35. Ana Says:

    Hi how can I start my blog, can someone help me?

  36. freelance translator Says:

    Thank you,it it really a very inspiring article! I have started to blog just recently and without any clear idea or stimulus for writing. Now I see that it can help in establishing business relations or at least in getting a relief after a hard day of freelance work. However, it can be difficult to make oneself write something regularly if they work with texts and writing/translating on a permanent basis. Anyway, thanks a lot!


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