4 Simple Ways to Impress a Potential Client

Sun, Oct 4, 2009

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4 Simple Ways to Impress a Potential Client

Freelancing can be tough if you don’t get on with your clients. Client satisfaction can lead to further work and a good reputation. Unfortunately many freelancers will see this as a laborious task and find it difficult. I have, therefore, compiled four simple methods which you can easily implement in order to make it significantly easier to impress your client.

1. Professionalism

You must portray an image of yourself as professional as the work which you do. Looking professional can be done in several ways, the most important of which is your portfolio.

Your portfolio is extremely important as it is one of the very first things the client will see. Try and make your portfolio stand out and reflect your professional side.

Imagine you are your client and two freelancers meet you. The first wears ripped jeans with uncombed hair and jots everything down onto a 99p notepad with a bic biro. The second wears smart jeans with a sharp look and writes everything into a leather folder with a Sheaffer pen and shows you a printed portfolio. I know which one I would choose!

2. Show off

If you are a freelance photographer who Tony Blair called to take pictures of his family, then show off about it! There are some successes we cover up with the fear of not being humble, which is a ludicrous thought.

When anyone goes to a job interview they try to sell themselves and you should not do any different. The more you speak of your past successes the more likely you are to get hired. This can seriously help gain trust, which can be difficult if the client doesn’t know you.

Try to use testimonials and reviews on your online portfolio. It may also be an idea to mention your success in any conversation you have with the client.

3. VIP

Make the client feel more important by being prompt with your response to them. Of course, don’t drop everything you are doing and start replying or else you will end up replying to emails and calls all day and give the impression you are desperate for work.

A freelancer who replies soon to emails and calls appears to be on the ball. A late replier can seem lazy or make the client feel insignificant.

4. Personality

I suggested a few things relating to this point in ‘The Untapped Marketing Technique: Your Personality‘. It may not always be a good idea to stay on business topics. Try to find out the clients interests and speak about them. If you found something about their business which you find genuinely attractive then mention it to them. Try to remember things they tell you, like their interests or their childrens’ names. It’s not about being “fake” with the client, it’s more about developing an interest in them.

Do not go over to your client and ask “How’s Sarah?” when you only found out that his wife’s name is Sarah from his Facebook page, to which he hasn’t added you. This can come across as unprofessional and generally freaky!


Here we have a handful of tried and tested ways of impressing clients. Remember the need for impressing them is that it will lead to further work and a good reputation. Repeat work is the backbone of any freelancer’s career.

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9 Responses to “4 Simple Ways to Impress a Potential Client”

  1. Amber Weinberg Says:

    Good tips :)

    You can also always impress a client simply by going the extra mile, getting the project done quickly and being yourself.

  2. Trudy Says:

    With #1, I would choose the one with the better portfolio and personality. I am not impressed by wardrobe and accessories. I do understand the role of appearances from the point of view of a photographer, as I dress professionally to meet a client.

    However, when I think about photography from the point of view of a client when I’ve needed photography in the past that I did not do for myself, I examined the photographers’ work and rates as well as personality; appearance had nothing to do with my decision. I realize that this is rare and that is ok. We are a visual society and that appearance choosing makes sense. (I realize that personality is often reflected in wardrobe choices, and that might be why I would actually choose the torn jeans person over the corporate look.)

    Great tips, thanks for sharing.

  3. t. johnston Says:

    yawn. not that informative.

  4. Quicken Websites Says:

    portfolio definitely very very important, as well as personality. Nice topic, thanks.

  5. Jd Webb Says:

    Thanks for posting :)

  6. Sangeeta Singh Says:

    I like sll these ways to impress the customers. they actually want attention from the sales person and they want to show their importance to their friends, relatives, and family members. so its really very important to pay attention to every customer either they bought anything from you eor not. but if you will give them delight customer service then they will forward it to 20 people more………


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